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4 Reasons to Choose Condo-Style Accommodations VS All-Inclusive

4 Reasons to Choose Condo-Style Accommodations VS All-Inclusive Bahama Resorts

Most people are in search of an all-inclusive resort when they travel to a foreign country. But all-inclusive isn’t always better. Here are the reasons booking a condo is better. 

More Space

When you stay in a condo, you have more space and access to all the amenities of a house, which makes traveling less stressful and more having the comforts of being at home. This is great for people traveling for work, nomads traveling abroad, or larger groups like weddings.

Experience The Local Lifestyle

When you stay at an all-inclusive, you tend to stay at the resort more often and forget that the best part of traveling is experiencing new cultures. When you choose a condo, you are more likely to venture off into town to experience life as a local for things like food, coffee, and entertainment.

Save Money & Budget Better

Most people don’t realize how much extra costs are padded into an all-inclusive! Resorts often add on extra fees to ensure they do not lose money on any guests. With a resort that is NOT all-inclusive, you simply pay for the accommodations and then have more to spend however you’d like. You can even be more budget-conscious if you’d like.

All The Same Amenities

Our condo-friendly resort still have a pool, hot tub, and huge beach for you to enjoy! This means your relaxing days can still be everything you imagined.

So if you are looking to travel and experience the Bahamas, and a condo sounds like a good fit for you, check out our rooms below.